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Here is my voice, whispering words of vicious endearment
Down the ears that can hear me but still refuse to believe
It's possible to hear voices in your head, after all.

Here is my mouth, softly tracing beautiful poison onto
The mouth that said my name and then denied me in the same breath
The dead aren't supposed to walk, after all.

Here are my eyes, drilling black holes into your skull and
Bleaching all colour from eyes that are frantically telling you
I'm just a grief-induced hallucination.

Here are the scars in my arms, trace over them and feel the blood
That use to pump so warmly next to you as we lay together in the dark
But now lies cold and withdrawn.

Here are the marks that shouldn't have existed
The ones that took me away from you for such a short time
But you couldn't wait to cover me over.

Here is my love for you, bringing me back to you
Even as my throat tickles and I sense your terror in the beat
That throbs across your throat.

Here is an invitation to join me, so that we need never be apart
Permanently separated by veils of light and darkness.
Here is an invitation to renew the vows, because
Death is such a temporary thing anyway and besides
Didn't we always say how cool it'd be to become a vampire?

2: Love by Mrs-Sin

/ / / ©2010-2016 Mrs-Sin
This was inspired by Jesus, oddly enough, and Thomas the doubter... If you know your Bible, you'll see it.
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metal-steffi Featured By Owner May 21, 2010  Hobbyist Photographer
Hey! :wave:

As one of my most supportive and honest watcher, I would like to tell you, that this piece of work, has been featured HERE as a thank you!

Steffi (:
Mrs-Sin Featured By Owner May 21, 2010
metal-steffi Featured By Owner May 21, 2010  Hobbyist Photographer
You're welcome (: It's well deserved, and it's a great piece too!!
BaronAutumn Featured By Owner May 8, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
It's not just Thomas that's involved though.
Atheists - 1st stanza
Peter - 2nd stanza
Mary Magdalene and/or the guards - 3rd stanza
Thomas - 4th stanza
Judas - 5 th stanza
Everyone else - last two stanzas.

At least, that's what i get from it. It's fantastic, whether or not my interpretation is right :)
Mrs-Sin Featured By Owner May 8, 2010
I've been an atheist since I was about 12/13, so my Bible's a little hazy xD It was mainly the whole: 'Here I am. Here are the holes the nails punched my hands and feet, and here is the bloody gaping wound in my side from the spear. Now do you believe??' that got me.

Glad you like it though!
BaronAutumn Featured By Owner May 9, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
Ah, I see what you mean. :)
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